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Scrawny one – Part I

August 26, 2013

I have always wanted to write about this little puppy I have seen grow up. Scrawny one. He was one I will never, never ever forget about!

This was how it all happened. We lived in a pretty lovely old mission compound in one of Bangalore’s finer neighborhoods. There lived a street dog that had pretty much become the compound’s permanent security person on deputation. He was quite a ruffian and managed to have frequent batches of his babies delivered by the females around him. It wasn’t atypical to see a bunch of those lil fellas grow up.

And the sequence was almost predictable every time. Mama would be strolling with a huge belly for a while, then word will be around that she littered, then for a while we will not see any of them, gradually the lil bundles will roll out. Among the lot will come up a rowdy, who would clearly dominate the rest: not too sure if it was a he or she, but that one would be bigger in size than the rest, would be found feeding more often, will boss around, bully the underlings, especially the weakest. (How I hated those piercing squeaks of the scrawny ones! Everytime! With a sense of revenge actually!). Then little by little the pups will go disappearing: either neighborhood kids walked away with them, or they died in accidents, maybe even the government stray dog control team came and caught them or not too sure what, but they did go missing!!…

To be continued…


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