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There’s little in it for me

August 19, 2013

For someone with a permanent physical disability life is a continual struggle. There may not be any showy incentive to struggle through. It is easy to think to oneself, ‘there is so little in it for me’. And maybe it even appears true when studied on the surface.

But the opposite is true for others! As in, the struggle has so much to benefit others. Just the courage, just the sight, just the patient, even cheerful battle inspires so many others. Loved ones have an aching load lifted off their backs, more than that the battle puts wings on others who are weighed down by invisible handicaps.

Joni Eareckson Tada’s quadriplegia stills cripples her spirit. I know behind all her success stories, her daily life is ridden with the depression of having to sort through a myriad annoyances. But she would be so mistaken if she just stopped at ‘there’s so little in it for me’. I know she didn’t because she has been wise to realize that in the final reckoning heaven will uncover every precious nugget that was hers: hers through her own perseverance and hers in the perseverance she inspired in others.

It’s the same with psychological disabilities and the host of other invisible disabilities. There is more in it than you think. More for you and so much more for others who need you. Never give up, God is faithful. 🙂


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