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Remember me Lord!

July 10, 2013

The quality of what’s done in secret matters! Because the Lord sees.

Maybe you have loved and endlessly loved. You have given and rarely got back in return. You have given your best though it never amounted to ‘much’. Because for you it was always only ‘much’. Much more than you could afford. Much more that could have been kept back. Yeah, often for others it might have seemed ‘little’ because there was always someone else to outstrip you. But you knew the measuring yards were very different.

Don’t be discouraged my friend. The Lord has seen and the Lord will reward. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. That is why he comes searching with the crown to the most insignificant household and anoints the least as THE worthy occupant of the throne.

Nehemiah punctuates his story with the words ‘Remember me, Lord!’ Because he dared to face the secret recesses that nobody knew. He could boldly draw the curtain because the Lord had already been there. God knew the quality of what he gave: his gifts & services. These are memories that add up, memories to be cherished. Even tokens that could be en-cashed as it were! Not hidden or meant to be forgotten. These will testify to a fine case in heaven’s courtroom.

Will you dare to say, ‘Remember me Lord’? It’s now an obligation for which the Master is willing, even pleased!


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