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The Universe Has Order: Marriage

April 9, 2013

Marriage is one of those institutions based on which God has revealed His planned order for the universe.

According to the Bible, God created man and woman to be fellow companions and establish this unit called family. And God made only one man and one woman.

This fact is repeatedly established in the Bible. But sorting our way through the Bible may not be that easy! I can already hear objections: Then why was polygamy (where one man married multiple women) an accepted way of life in the Old Testament times?

Well here’s how I reckon with it:

I must’ve have read this somewhere, but one explanation goes like this: in those early days culture was designed around a hard life. People generally faced harsh conditions such as war, famine, sickness etc. And in such conditions, it is quite likely more women survived than men who had to be in the forefront of these calamities.

However, it is interesting that by and large polygamy, only of this kind, has been practiced. Even here, there seems to be an order. Through the years, woman being the recipient of the seed has been expected to pledge her allegiance to a single source, whereas cultures and societies have not been able to accept a confused lineage (which would be the case if women had the same freedom as men did). It is like a receptacle holding only a single substance, either water or oil, not both. In the ancient world women were expected to be virgins thereby preserving the purity of the lineage.

This may also explain some confusing conditions that Paul lays in I Cor. 7. This also explains why God ordains marriage for a lifetime until death separates a couple. This might also explain why God hates divorce. Wait a minute, you said God??? Such a unique arrangement must only be explained by God, because only He made them both male and female!

This might also explain why in the family set up leadership roles have always been expected of men.

Please don’t get me wrong. I do believe that men and women are equal. I believe that just like a woman must be dedicated to one man, man must also be dedicated to a single woman unless death separates them. And I would do it all the more based on the words of Jesus which reiterate this.

It can be said without doubt that Jesus clearly rewrote some of the OT laws. From what he says it is evident that Jesus approves as marriage only that between one woman and one man. He considers all other physical relations that intrude into this arrangement as adultery.

This automatically explains why virginity is important for marriage. Nowadays marriage is made out to be a social gathering where a group of people are invited for a grand meal where people in beautiful clothes exchange public symbols like rings. Well all these things are merely icing on the cake. The most important part of the occasion is sexual purity. Otherwise it is like being announced to a fabulous treat of a pastry and only being served some icing and a cherry, a big deception!

The Universe has order. And God’s plan for a marriage is one of those systems that illustrate a a Divine Hand behind our world. The taste of true success can be had if we wait for the real cake and not be deceived for some cheap icing.


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