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Chasing The Right Dream

April 6, 2013

An old proverb: Everything comes to him who is willing to wait. And I would add, “On God.”

David’s an interesting example.

He was a shepherd boy who knew little about the magnificence of royalty. All he did was to be happy where he was and be right about his business.

He sought to be the best shepherd to his sheep. He saved them from the paw of the lion and the bear. He enjoyed his waiting hours: he played music and probably wrote his own songs.

It is evident that he often pondered about God. Maybe his mind lingered on what God really wanted in the depths of his own heart. Maybe he figured his own feeble abilities stood no comparison with the vastness of God. And maybe he dreamed of when he will leave those barren hills for better pastures: maybe a throne, a royal princess and power to govern more justly. But he knew he must seize his opportunity only when it was time.

Not long after he was noticed by the king, earned his jealousy and began to be chased like a partridge. But he never hurried to decimate the man who was now not only his legal enemy but also the only hindrance between him and the promised throne. He wanted God to take the man out of his way.

Eventually all his dreams came: the throne, the princess and the power to govern justly. But it was a long and arduous journey. He waited and waited and endlessly waited. No wonder I feel God promised him an eternal heritage. No wonder I feel God loved him in spite of his worst blunders.

David was a man who had mastered the art of chasing the right dream. He was a worthy vessel to fulfill God’s beautiful dreams.


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