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Pee cee

In an effort to be politically correct, you can’t cease to be correct (itself!). To be correct is primary, only then comes its defense, explainability. That’s a version of throwing the baby with the bathwater, for you want to get rid of a smaller offense and end up throwing everything that must be defended. The only antidote to this folly is truth, a wisdom that displays a grasp, a comprehension of matters that is crystallized into sacred Scripture and wise sayings. (For even from a secular route you will still land up with the revelation of Scripture.)


Vicious truth

Truth by nature is vicious. For it cannot accommodate or live alongside the lie. Truth’s existence means the lie’s annihilation. Look into your own life and check if there was ever a time you could live with a lie about you, a false accusation of you. And who said the principle stops with you?

The endless Lifegiving river

The name of Jesus is a river of Life. It’s not about who takes from it or how much they take, for it’s all to do with the source. It never ends, it never counts the cost. It gives and gives and gives. One act of righteousness on the cross by one sinless flawless man and the reward is unending. Use it.


Life is an eternity of opportunities.

God in a synagogue

God walked in that day into a little uphill synagogue. He sat like an ordinary man. He opened the scroll and read out of it. And with eyes like fire he began his discourse.

Is it any surprise the people erupted in spontaneous wonder at the marvel of a man?!

God’s happy wife

That’s you! His bride, His spouse, His happy wife! What wife bothers with a responsible husband around? For what’s the point to fret about when all is taken care of? So then she rests, relaxes, enjoys herself. Expect him to take care of it all concerning you, allow Him.


All there is to be known and found of the world lies within.