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The unforgiving Master

That’s God on you! It’s all about how you see your Master: either mean, or priceless! He won’t budge except he bring out the best in you. Take it or leave it but he ain’t lowering his standard nor his dream for you.

I suppose you’d sell your head and buy for yourself such a Master?!


When God performs

It’s not possible to remain yielded to God and not have God’s hand show through in that life. God is a performer and he always achieves!

Sorry Mr. Plato!

I read Plato asked if men had no impending punishment (e.g. as when alone) would they still do the right. Although I spontaneously found myself assuming ‘no’ for the answer, something felt erroneous of the very question!

I figure it does not follow that wrong is wrong coz it is punished, but it precedes that wrong is bad and therefore punished. At best a response of fear toward the right is childish, for only as a child is one taught to do the right without understanding. As an adult we fully grasp the value of what we were taught and are grateful that taught we even were!

The question should be: After all this time have we even learned good is good?

Struggle smart

Better the struggle of sowing than the struggle of weeping over lost opportunity! Either way it’s a struggle. Might as well opt for the pain with gain, than the pain that’s all pain.


Orphan vs Princeling

Doesn’t an orphan also live? Of course he eats, sleeps, goes about life, grows up, but is it any comparison to life as a princeling?! Everything the prince does is watched, watched over: what he eats, how he eats, what he is dressed up in n how, what he will become n how. The abandonment of the orphan is unimaginable, as also is its effect!

That’s the same difference in our relation with God (or the lack of it)!

Faith takes a lotta work baby!

It’s generally believed that it’s so much harder to work to please God than just believe, but let me tell you: NOT SO FAST, Hon!

You think it was easier for ol’ Abe to trust God and sacrifice Isaac? You think it was easier for David to trust God and keep lettin Saul go? You think it was easier for Elijah to trust God and square up to Jezebel?

No! Their work was not the labour of toil or legalist laborious ‘god-pleasing,’ (maybe offering up a zillion sacrifices, getting their ablutions right, others) it was the labour of spirit, of soul, of will, of obedience, still others.

However, it’s not without its perks! It’s the putting in that gets back, it’s the sowing that reaps. It’s still the shortcut, for there’s no other way. It’s the shortest route to rest, comfort, providence, sustenance, success, achievement, glory. It fits with the law of life and light, that the road is narrow not broad, but it’s the surest and easiest way home!

Brace up.

Give Him the chance!

God has always been around, and He hasn’t changed. It is we who haven’t been around him enough, and it is we who are fickle in our allowance of Him (often only in fits and starts). Any surprise then that we don’t know or have enough of God?! What we’ve known of Him, we know from the people who lent themselves to God, and lent themselves fully! This fits with Scripture too:

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come.”

Matthew 11:12-14

It is true of men in the distant past (OT), as Noah, ol’ Abe, Moses, David, the prophets; it is true of people around Christ, Mary, the Apostles; it is true of people in the church era: great church fathers, reformers, Martin Luther, on into the missionaries of the modern world, a Hudson Taylor, a David Livingstone, William Carey.

If we haven’t known God enough or had enough of His blessings, it is not God, it is us! All who gave themselves wholly to God touched great highs of their fulfilled and self-actualized humanities. So must we, if we expect to enjoy more of God’s greatness and goodness in our lives. It appears as a corporate humanity, we simply haven’t given him a chance!

We must.