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Success in disguise

We often see success as a man on a stage before a packed arena, the people offering a thundering applause, glitters showering the stage from above. But lemme tell ya, that’s just success deceiving you coz it’s her disguise. Her real look is exactly the opposite, like this: it’s a shaggy man, all alone, poring over work, in the dark, away from the glare, in silence without applause.

The glory (of eventual unimportance) will come, but first, – no, always- work. Success has a title, a surname: HARD WORK.

Merciless life

Without human agency, nothing moves! That’s exactly what the Preacher means when he says, “Whether a tree falls to the South or to the North, there will it lie.” If you want anything at all in life to move, then get up and move it yourself.

That also means life is merciless, that you have to do it all yourself. But hear this too: it is better to do it, than leave it undone; better early than late. Coz you’ll still have to do it – or put as per this reality, unless you yourself do it, it will forever remain undone. You may take you breaks, but it’s better to learn to both accept and (even!) love life as work. Do work for its spirit (purpose). The brute letter (work without understanding, or purpose) will kill you.

When justice is glamour

Justice is about excellence. It’s allowing everybody the right to be efficient.

Normal sexuality

Celibacy is very much a part of normal sexuality.

The most eloquent

There’s little eloquence as truth.

All ain’t well that ends well

Ending well isn’t about amicability, it’s about sincerity. (Therefore, many an end must have been an apology, repentance, change. It had to be about good/honest/true behavior.)

It’s a paradox

You escape the pain by enduring it; you get rich by becoming poor; powerful by learning weakness. It’s a type of all encompassing circle, but make no mistake, for there’s still order, a method, progress – like a spiral heading on right up. All around as they say, but aright.

Hate it

To have to apologize! To say the dirty word (as my professor called it) ‘sorry.’ If not for excellence, to not have to take up responsibility.


It’s infinitely better to be a sheep in the fold, than to be a lost sheep!

Being the answer

If you would answer, be honest.