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Being consistent

Rather than trying to be consistent with the lesser lie, it is better to be consistent with the bigger truth.

(That does mean being open to humiliation now for honor later, correction now for confidence later.)

Treating evil

Disregard the evil: they will see the worst in you and interpret the worst of you.

Tippy toes

If it ain’t visible, tread carefully. (Maybe through grass by day, maybe at home in the dark, maybe people or circumstances.)

One mightier than the pen

The pen ain’t half as mightier than the sword as justice. Our weapons of war are justice, righteousness, service. In summary: truth.

Fortune and destiny

Fortune favours the brave, and destiny the true.

Once a mountain always a mountain

We often erroneously think that our mountains of yesterday were actually only molehills. However, when they happened, they were mountains, not molehills. Back then, we were small, and it took a himalayan effort to climb it. E.g. it took a decade and beyond to get basic academics into our system/mind, only after all of which lower grade education seems simple. So we only grow AFTER we get past it, not before. It is only after we master the hurdle, we gradually come to think of it as a trite thing.

So, it means life’s accomplishment is a hard thing. That dismissing lower accomplishments as trite is a lie. It means to get ahead in life we must both be willing to and actually work hard. And we need to beware those that steal any credit that is due.

Remember: once an accomplishment, always an accomplishment. Value the effort!

The way of the righteous

It is watched over by God as the universally memorized psalm sez it. The oversight is not just to teach an unfamiliar route but to correct when wilful error occurs. It’s like a mother watches over her child with eagle eyes.

So it’s better to fear God and belong with him, occasional errors notwithstanding.

Finding vision

If you would have vision, be sincere.

Evil’s warped game

Evil’s stupid calculation is to eliminate/defeat good by more evil. Unfortunately that only ups good’s game even further and sets back evil’s own game by probably just that much. Evil’s only calculation worth taking is to quit evil and become good altogether.

Might’ve as well been good all through, right?

Getting to know Scripture

There is a reading of scripture that is in the living of (scriptural) life. It’s where you ‘read’ scripture from life’s understanding, what you don’t get from merely running your eyes over text or discussing lofty doctrine. It’s like when you nod your head in amazing agreement or read the text between the words coz you’ve tried the recipe’s instructions many times over instead of merely reading and coming to ‘know’ it. There’s no shortcut around obedience to the truth, not even toying with scripture all the time. I loved the words a wise man told his son, words that summarise all instruction in only 4 words: GET WITH IT, SON. Fits knowing scripture too!